Spring 2014 Trends

January 12, 2014

One question that I am always asked at this time of year is “What are the trends for Spring?” After looking blankly at my friend, sister-in-law, customer, etc… I think to myself, “Wow, what are the trends?”   It always seems as though my mind goes completely blank when asked that question; pretty embarrassing, right? …considering it’s supposed to be my job to know!

I think partially it’s that put on the spot, total brain failure, but also I attribute this altered state of consciousness to the lack of cohesiveness amongst trends. There is no dominant trend that every woman has to follow, there are many different trends coming from street wear to haute couture. Gone are the days of cookie cutter Stepford Wives {{good riddance}}. Sometimes, trends are around for several seasons before I see them trickle-down into my customer’s closets i.e. skinny jeans.   Additionally, many trends are not appropriate for every body type or every age.

So in effect to clarify my thoughts and to avoid the deer in the headlights look on my face the next time I’m asked a seemingly normal, industry standard, benign question, I’ve listed some of my favorite Spring 2014 trends.

This list is to be treated and interpreted as a mere guide to the trends, and is in no way a “how to” {{that will come later}}. Lastly, I beg of you….please, I repeat, please, do not wear all these spring trends at once in an effort to win the Superlative of “Most Trendy,” at your next high school reunion.   That would only earn you the title of, as the French say, “a fashion faux pas.”

Spring 2014 Trends

  1. Fabrics – Prints, Embellishment & Manipulation
    Prints: Fantastic florals, Pop-art, Word play, Metallics {{think candy wrapper shine}}
    Embellishment: Applique, 3D, Embroidery, Sequins, Crystals, Multi-layer Paillets
    Manipulation: Pleats {{knife pleats & micro-pleats}}, Ruffles & Fringe {{think big}}
  1. White oversized button downs, tunics, contrast collars & cuffs
  2. Wide Leg Trousers, Bermudas & Culottes {{yes Granny, they’re back}}
  3. Tea Length Skirts & Dresses {{so demure}}
  4. Athletic inspired looks: Tennis skirts, Mesh tops, Track pants, Varsity stripes, Slouchy tees
  5. Sheer Layers: Layers of chiffon
  6. New Boho: Worldly, tribal influences mixed with athletic trend
  7. The Shift Blouse: Boxy but polished
  8. Crop Tops: A HUGE trend that won’t quit {{no exposed mid-drifts please}}
  9. Jkts: Bomber, Collarless or Cropped & boxy