Who do you know that deserves pampering?

April 20, 2015

I was sitting in my office at the store this morning thinking about how many ladies come into the store looking for a gift for others and saying that they don’t have time to look for themselves. They need to pick up their children from school, get home to make dinner, take a parent to the doctor etc. We all know women who are the most amazing caregivers to their children, to their parents or to others in their families and communities but take little time to nurture themselves. It could be a sister, a friend, your mother or co-worker or even yourself.

In the book “Fearless, Fabulous You” by local author Melanie Young, Melanie presents her Fearless Fabulous Five:

  1. Put your well-being first. It is not selfish; it is smart life management.
  2. The most important approval you need to seek is your own. Confidence comes from caring for yourself and believing in your potential.
  3. How you treat yourself sets an example for how others should treat you.
  4. Taking time to take care of yourself will give you more energy to enjoy the rest of your time.
  5. While your personal and professional priorities may change over time, the priority of you should be a constant.

It is so important to nurture ourselves, to make time for that hair cut or massage. Treat ourselves to a new dress or a bouquet of flowers. I decided to make this a reality for one very special woman. Rambling Rose boutique is teaming up with other local vendors to gift this lady with:

  1. A gorgeous new dress from Rambling Rose boutique.
  2. A Bra fitting by expert fitter, Julie Mazur, and new foundation garments from Rambling Rose Boutique.
  3. A copy of “Fearless Fabulous You” and a complimentary health coaching session from local author, Melanie Young.
  4. A fresh flower bouquet from Meadow Scent, florist extraordinaire. 10 church St. New Paltz, 255-3910.
  5. A fantastic new haircut/color and manicure and pedicure by Kelly, Sean and the Shapers team. Shapers, 4N Manheim Blvd, 255 3355.
  6. A “Mother’s day” gift basket from Main Course Market. 175 Main Street, New Paltz, 255 2600

All you need to do is nominate someone you think should be given these gifts. Who do you know who deserves pampering? Someone who goes above and beyond for others and could really benefit from some nurturing themselves. This Mother’s Day season seems the perfect time to honor that lady who has brought something special into your life or affected the lives of others that you know.

To nominate your candidate post their name and a short paragraph on why you think that they should be chosen on the Rambling Rose Boutique Facebook page.