Is the idea of Fashion Trends still relevant?

September 13, 2017


On a quest for Fall trends.

I am always asked at this time of year “What are the trends for Fall?”. In recent years I have found this hard to answer. Apart from the return of the ubiquitous legging, and athletic wear becoming a wardrobe staple, it has become hard to discern any trends that truly impact the market. It has felt more like a case of ‘anything goes’, making the idea of ‘trends’ seem irrelevant and even passe. Thankfully I read an article by fashion journalist, Lisa Armstrong in the September Harper’s Bazaar that brought clarity to my disordered thoughts. For the first time in a while I felt a thrill of excitement as I thought of the approaching season and what it could mean in terms of revitalizing my wardrobe and myself. I was so impressed with the coherence of Ms. Armstrong’s thoughts that I decided to share some with you.

“As an intelligent, fashion-literate woman of style, you’ve moved beyond trends. Trends are the enemy of longevity; the death of ¬†individuality. Trends, as you have read repeatedly, are over,……………Switch the word “trends” for “updates” or ‘evolution” or “refreshers,” and trends start to seem not only relevant but vital.

Also you cannot help observing that without trends there is no momentum, no moving forward (even if sometimes the shift seems to be back to a previous era).”

“Think of trends as software, what you do with them as coding, and the results as a newly upgraded, high functioning closet.”

“Trend awareness is not about being a literalist but about tapping into moods and keeping current—–in your own way.”

“They (fashion and personal style) don’t need to be radically upended each season. Sometimes the subtlest switch is all it takes to reset.”


I look forward to sharing with you through my next few posts, some of the influences reverberating through fashion this Autumn. I’ll explore how you and I can use them to have fun refreshing our wardrobes. How lovely to think of starting the colder months and shorter days with “a newly upgraded, high-functioning closet.

Best Wishes,